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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm hosting an Alice in Wonderland Revival at my DominoART group!

Greetings Stampers,
I'm hosting an Alice in Wonderland Revival in anticipation of the new Johnny Depp movie "Alice In Wonderland" coming in March!  

If you'd love to get involved then please pop on over to DominoART and join us!  
All levels of stamping experience is welcome, so newbie dominoians AND newbie stampers are encouraged to join in :-) No need to be afraid, just have lots of FUN ;-)

Once joined you are responsible for making only ONE creation by the specified due date which is Wednesday March 31st!
When you're done the 2nd step is to share your creation with us by uploading photos and posting a detailed description of how you went about making your art. You can create ANYTHING you want as long as it involves dominoes in some way and portrays the Alice in Wonderland theme!  

The best part is that YOU get to keep your art! Just keep in mind that you're making something that pleases YOU, and you don't have to worry about the size or the weight coz you're not mailing it to anyone!! So you can create something small like a magnet or go nuts and create a sculpture!!

Check out my Alice in Wonderland tree sculpture and necklaces on my website!

Ready? Set? Go! Hurry on over to DominoART, join the group and SIGN-UP! The more the merrier ;-)

Happy Stamping!
Leigh - S-B 

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