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Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Zylphia' DominoART Ornament! My first Third Coast Creative Coterie Design Team Project!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I'm very excited to share my first tutorial as a member of Third Coast Rubber Stamps design team aka the Third Coast Creative Coterie!  Woohoo, I'm still flying high with joy ;0)  

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 Third Coast challenged me to design projects using a selection of stamps and I've been very busy creating up a storm.  Some of the stamps I worked with aren't available to the public until later this year so I can't show them to you just yet and some of my other designs are going to magazines for publication so I can't show those to you now either.  But I can definitely share this one with you today, just in time for Christmas in July ;0)

I was super excited to receive a gorgeous stamp of an angel called Zylphia's Wreath (FA-215-K) you can find her on page 12 of the Summer 2005 Supplement.  I think she has a strong Art Deco feel to her so I was immediately inspired to create this Art Deco style ornament that can be hung on a Christmas tree, displayed on an ornament stand or could definitely be worn as a pendant as well!

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Zylphia's Wreath (FA-215-K) by Third Coast Rubber Stamps
Doublecross Domino
Drill or Dremel and 1/16" bit
Aleene's Acrylic Paint - metallic silver and gold
Ancient Page Coal Black dye ink
Heat gun
Tooth pick
Sharpie markers - Black and Dandelion
Tea Dye Distress Ink pad
Paper Towel or Blending Tool
Adirondack Pens - Caramel and Ginger
Gold Leafing adhesive pen
Gold Leaf
Delta Ceramcoat Instant Age Varnish
Narrow Border Sticker - Black with a white stripe
Brass eye hooks
Gold swirl ornament hook
Jewelry findings and tools
Metallic Gold Paint Pen

I used a Doublecross Domino for this project.  These dominoes are very long and narrow game pieces with 3 sections of pips (dots) instead of the usual 2.  Unfortunately they were discontinued a few years ago but you might be lucky to get your hands on a box or two.  If not, you can always make your own from a piece of wood, it really doesn't have to be a domino.

To begin, I drilled pilot holes in both ends of the domino just deep enough to get a good grip for screwing in the eye hooks.  The domino is wood so the hooks screw in easily.


Stamp Zylphia onto the domino in Ancient Page Coal Black dye ink and heat set with a heat gun.

Art and design from the Art Deco era used a lot of gold, silver and black and was the perfect colour scheme for this ornament!   Start by painting each individual feather on the wings with metallic gold and silver acrylic paint using a toothpick instead of a brush and add metallic detail to her necklace and earrings as well.  Aleene's metallic acrylics have a wonderful shimmer to them and look so rich and vibrant when dry.  Using a toothpick to apply the paint is quite a time consuming step but the result is so worth it!  Colour the background between the wings with a Black Sharpie and use Dandelion Sharpie to give her beautiful golden hair.

Colour the top and bottom edges of the domino with a metallic gold paint pen and apply gold leafing adhesive to the sides of the domino.  When the adhesive is ready, after about 10 minutes, apply the gold leaf to the piece.  The Doublecross domino has a distressed feel to the edges of the wood which makes it hard to get the gold leafing into all the nooks and crannies and that's why I used the gold paint pen first.

Age the domino with Tea Dye Distress Ink.  Rubbing the Distress Ink into the entire piece also adds a richness to the colours, stains the exposed wood areas and reveals the grain of the wood beautifully.


Add shading to Zylphia's body with Adirondack Pens.  I used Caramel and Ginger to create the depth and shadows on her torso and neck.


Seal the finished domino with a coat of Delta Ceramcoat Instant Age Varnish.  This helps to protect the gold leafing and also gives it more of a tarnished look.  The photo above on the left shows the colours on her body nicely but it doesn't show the beautiful metallic glow of the wings.   In the photo on the right I tried to capture the metallic glow of the wings and you can also make out a bit more of the wood grain on her torso too. 


Poke holes through the border sticker with a pointy tool where the drilled holes are and screw in the eye hooks.

Then embellish the domino with an Art Deco style jewelry dangle.  This jewelry embellishment was actually gleaned from a domino in my DominoART collection.  The jewelry piece was made by one of my DominoART Yahoo Group members, Pam C, who kindly gave me permission to use it on my creation!  It was exactly what I needed to complete my Zylphia DominoART Ornament ;0)

Add a gold swirl hanging hook to turn it into an ornament or thread a chain or cord through the eye hook to make it a pendant instead.  Zylphia could easily perform double duty too!  She can grace the Christmas tree during the holiday season and then be worn as a pendant for the rest of the year!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first Third Coast Creative Coterie tutorial!  I've also got a TagART project to share that has Zylphia on it and another Christmas in July tutorial for next week so stay tuned!

For more Third Coast inspiration check out the blogs of my fellow Creative Coterie members!  There's a list with links to their blogs in the right hand sidebar of my blog (located just beneath my It's Good To Be Queen blinkie)!  You might also like to join the Third Coast Rubber Stamps Blog and Facebook page too!

Until next time, stay cool!
Happy Stamping!


  1. Fabulous project and tutorial!

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