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Friday, June 15, 2012

Melt Art Fun with Ranger's Texture Treads!

Happy Friday Everyone!
I've been having a fantastic time playing around with one of Ranger's new Melt Art Texture Treads.  I've got a variety of projects to share using the Floral Flourish Texture Tread which is now available through Blockheads Paper Arts.  They have 4 of the 6 available designs for you to choose from.  If you haven't played around with UTEE for a while you're going to want to dust off your Melting Pots and give these new Texture Treads a whirl!

What is a Texture Tread you ask, well basically it's a design on a sheet of black flexible rubber that will withstand the heat of the UTEE.  We've all played around with pressing our rubber stamps into melted UTEE many times but what's really unique about these rubber sheets is that the same design comes embossed on one side and then debossed as a mirror image-negative on the same Texture Tread!  How cool is that!

For my first project I made a bracelet with gold UTEE and the Floral Texture Tread and poured the UTEE directly onto the Tread.

You will need the following supplies:
Ranger melting Pot
Ranger Melt Art Texture Tread:  Floral Flourishes
Small Round Cookie Cutter
Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Gold/Brass Bracelet Blank
E6000 adhesive or G-S Hypo Cement
Clear embossing ink pad
Sand paper

Set up your work area on a non-stick craft sheet to protect your work surface.  Pour a generous amount of gold UTEE into the Melting Pot and allow the powder to melt completely.
While you patiently wait for the UTEE to turn to molten liquid decide which parts of the Texture Tread design you want to use by moving a metal cookie cutter shape around the TTread so you can see immediately what appeals to you.  Then prepare the cookie cutter by dabbing your finger onto a clear embossing pad and rubbing the ink around the inside of the cookie cutter.  The ink will act as a release agent so you won't have any problems getting your UTEE piece out once it hardens.
Once the UTEE is molten place the cookie cutter where you want it and pour a small amount of the UTEE into it.  Leave it alone for just a few seconds and then you can carefully peel it off the Texture Tread.  Now the thickness of the UTEE piece will depend on how much you pour in.  If you poured quite a bit in then beware turning the cookie cutter upside down to look at it when you first remove it, especially if you removed it fairly quickly!  I did this on one of my thicker pieces and got a fright when the still runny and very hot UTEE poured out the other side on to my hand....ouch!  So just wait a few more seconds for the UTEE to harden up ;0)  Don't try to remove the UTEE piece immediately either coz it will either still be runny in the middle or soft and you don't want to warp the shape by pressing it out.  Just put the cookie cutter to one side and allow it to cool.  Once cool enough the UTEE hardens and shrinks and the piece will just pop out easily.
*I was asked how big the pieces are...each one is 1 inch in diameter.

I decided to go with the sections that had the flowers in the design on the debossed side for four of my pieces and then did two on the embossed side too.  You can see above how differently they turned out.  I only decided to make the bracelet after I'd had a ball making all my pieces so that's why I ended up incorporating the two odd ones into my project too.

Happy Stamping!
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  1. Wow!! Amazing. Put me on your Christmas list!! LOL How big are the individual pieces?

  2. LOL, Thank you ;0) hmmm, let me measure…they're 1 inch diameter.

  3. OMG! This is gorgeous! Looks and sounds like lots of fun! Wonderful tutorial! :)

  4. Awesome bracelet and great instructions. Now, where did I put that melting pot thing?

  5. This is gorgeous!!! I LOVE that you used UTEE for this! LOVE IT!

    Thank you for playing along in Freshly Brewed Challenges 100th prize challenge
    Heather D.

  6. Absolutely loved it! Now I really need to get myself a melting pot. TFS.


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