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Friday, June 23, 2017

Tea for Two - Alice in Wonderland Square Tunnel Book - Joggles DT

Howzit Stamping Friends!
I’m about to take you down the rabbit hole again on a fun new Alice in Wonderland adventure!
I’m featuring Tunnel Books today over on the Joggles blog.  Joggles has a wonderful selection of 6” x 6” square tunnel books with assorted shape openings and a 6” x 9” rectangle tunnel book with rectangle openings. 

I had to go totally wackadoodle with my project, I just had to!   So I chose the 6” x 6” Square Tunnel Book with square openings because my muse was thinking....“Tea for Two” which lead me to “sugar lumps” which are square you see ;0)  Plus, everyone is used to rabbit holes being round so why not square for a change?  See there is logic to my madness bwahahaha ;0) 
Let the adventure to Wonderland begin.....Alice has a Tea Party to go to!

“Join Us for Tea”
“Go Alice…Go down the hole!  OFF with your HEAD if you diddle daddle!”
“Are you MAD?  It’s SQUARE!  I haven’t been down a square hole before!”
“Yes, quite MAD…It’s the same as”
“round but different you see…”
“The hurrier you go Alice, the behinder”
“You’re not!  Hurry Alice, you are LATE!”
“It seems an awfully long way down”
“You must be MAD!”
“Yes, we’re ALL MAD here…Didn’t we cover this in the first book?”
“Depends how you look at it….I’ts not far when you’re at the bottom!”
“Curiouser and Curiouser.  I believed SIX impossible things before breakfast”
“but not a SQUARE hole full of BIRDS!”
“Well, I do declare you are LATE!  My jam sandwich is cold, grumbled HATTER!”
“Yawn…Let’s get this tea party started!  One sugar or two?”
“The End   or is it…”
 I had an absolute ball creating this tunnel book and I hope you enjoyed the latest chapter in the Wonderland story ;0) 
Now pop on over to the Joggle's blog to see my step by step tutorial showing you how you can make your own Alice in Wonderland themed tunnel book featuring the classic Wonderland illustrations!

Shop Joggles for the supplies I used, all the tunnel books, stencils and collage sheets are on sale!
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Thanks for stopping by to see my project today!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Wow, Love it, quirky and full of my favourite Alice characters. Gem x


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