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Friday, February 16, 2018

MY DARK VALENTINE BLOG HOP Day 5 finale: Broken Hearts accordion book!

Hiya Creative Friends!
We're now on Day 5 finale of the MY DARK VALENTINE Blog Hop I'm hosting over on my LeighSBDesigns Inspiration Blog!  It's been a fabulous 5 days of hopping with a creeptastic showing of Dark Valentines!  Thank you everyone for playing, hopping and leaving lots of love, your comments are very much appreciated­čśś 

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I'm sharing some of my old faves on this blog and today I'm sharing a macabre love story accordion book I made in 2017 as a member of the Joggles DT.  Click HERE to see my original post.

I paired up the Ghoulish Portraits collage sheet with a poem by Leo Christopher that seemed tailor made for my project!

"Broken Hearts"
…an old photo album bound in black ribbon was found in the attic…you are drawn by the feeling of sadness that seeps from between the pages…you untie the ribbon and read the words on the cover and are drawn deeper into the tale as you turn each page and become lost in their sorrow… 
The covers:  I split the poem in half, the front tells the story from the woman's point of view and the back tells the man's.
She’ll cry tonight
one more time
hoping it’s the last
I’ll lay beside her
a thousand miles apart
shedding the same tears
knowing it’s not.
by Leo Christopher

She sits alone
nothing to soothe her pain
not even sweet bird song
Her thoughts betray her
and dwell on the day
her Love broke her Heart
Her Love
tearing out her Heart
haunts her
she wept as
he crept away
never to return
He believed he was happy
Free to pursue his Dreams
But alas not
Doomed to wander alone
as Her face
haunts him &
her Tears of
Love Destroyed
rain upon his
Broken Heart
Here’s a tissue and a nice cup of tea…you’ll feel better once you see how much fun I had making this book over at Joggles ;0)

On my original post you'll also find my affiliate links for all the products I used which you can get from Joggles at 15% off retail every day!
Thank you for supporting me while you save $$$ too­čśť

Thanks for stopping by to see my project and for hopping with us!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Oh, my! This did actually bring tears to my eyes! Brilliant concept and construction. I did pop over to Joggles to check out the process. AMAZING! xxD

  2. Wowee, what a Tale! Wasn't he an idiot!!!! Joggles export to Middle Earth, did you know?

  3. Fantastic - such a lovely creation and a very sad poem. What a twat he was !!! LoL xxx

  4. Awesome! Fabulous representation of the poetry...

  5. WOWZERS!!!!!!! That is a fabulous creation XXX


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